Both homes and businesses have begun the use of hidden cameras to help with monitoring their location. In recent years they have seen a steady increase in popularity thanks in part to their cost effectiveness. You will want to keep in mind when using a hidden camera that they aren’t effective if everyone can spot them. Looking for the right space can be a difficult task in your home, but there are some ideas to help you turn them near invisible.

Many people find that the living area is a good place to install one of these hidden cameras. One of the reasons is because it does receive the most traffic in a home, and if you have babysitter in the home, this will be the mostly likely area for her to be in. In this room you will find an endless number of options for storage. To begin with, many people find entertainment centers to be the best option. Because it is full of many different electrical items, most people won’t pay attention if they notice another device.

If you have a need for a wider angle, your best option could be a mini security camera or a bullet camera as they are sometimes called. These cameras can remain hidden in a distance, and can even be mounted to a variety of items, including a curtain rod. This makes them a prime choice as most people don’t tend to look at these rods. Since these mini security cameras have a pinhole lens in them, you will find they can fit through the tiniest section. You can hide them behind a greeting card, or on the top shelf angled downward as hiding their wires is no problem at all.

Bookshelves will often prove themselves to be a great option. Because of this, a number of companies have designed hidden cameras that look like books that can blend into any collection. Of course this is only one of the options you can choose from. Other companies make cameras that look like mirrors, clocks and a cigarette lighter. In fact it is becoming a regular occurrence to have everyday objects contain the cameras that keep us safe.

Most of these suggestions also work very well in other areas of a home, along with cameras placed in light switches and flowerpots. These often provide excellent wide-angle views of rooms and hallways. If you are looking to install hidden cameras in bedrooms or child play areas, here are a few more considerations. A nightstand is a great place to place a clock shaped camera, and a personal computer station is a similar scenario to that of an entertainment center. If you are trying to look after your children, many hidden cameras can actually be put inside of a stuffed animal, a toy car, or even in a mobile that hovers above a baby’s crib.

There are countless types and shapes of hidden and mini security cameras, so it is important to strategize about the most inconspicuous places to hide a camera in your particular environment. This strategizing will help determine what type of camera you should purchase. If you already have a camera, consider some of the hiding spots first suggested, because a poorly placed hidden camera is really not a hidden camera at all.

Author: Mike Ward is a technical advisor for Security Cams, a leading online provider of hidden cameras and digital video recorders. For more information about hidden cameras, please visit Security Cams.

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