By taking responsibility for your own home security, people can make their community a safer place to be. I am sure that if you take your own home security more seriously, and put in a home alarm system, you and your neighbors will reap great benefits.

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You must face the fact that crime is prevalent in this day and age. You need to take steps to provide your home with better protection, to keep your family safe and your possessions secure. Of course, you can just get yourself a gun. That may be good for giving yourself a sense of security, but it may not be good enough. After all, you can only use a gun if someone is threatening to break into your home or has already entered and is endangering your life and property. But you should have a means of keeping criminals away from your home in the first place. You need something that can act as a deterrent to intruders–even when you are not at home to put up a fight.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t own a gun. I am a big believer in the 2nd amendment. It is a fact though that having guns doesn’t mean it will keep criminals away. Neither does having a guard dog or a security systems. In saying that, a security system is more of a deterrent though. Having guns can sometimes make your home more of a target. After all, criminals are interested in what you have and not just merely getting in.

You can get a guard dog for your house–that can be your deterrent. There are some disadvantages to having a dog, however. You have to take care of it constantly, feeding it, grooming it, taking it to the vet. The dog may attack those who are not intruders, such as the postman. And the dog may cause other problems–digging in your neighbor’s flower beds, tearing up the newspaper, barking incessantly at night. Getting a dog may not always be such a great idea.

A home security system has many advantages over having a dog and a gun. You can wire all of your home’s entry points to an alarm and safeguard more areas than you can by your own self. The alarm system can watch over your house when you are all away or everyone is asleep during the night. It generally requires little maintenance on your part. In fact, many security systems are able to constantly check themselves to see if the system is running smoothly. Furthermore, your alarm system can be monitored at a distance by a security company, who can respond quickly should your alarm be activated.

A security system is not only used for break ins though. They can protect you from fires,carbon monoxide, and even floods. Security systems nowadays come with many bells and whistles if you choose. You can hook up cameras to the system and see whats going on while your away. Some systems will let you control lights, doors, appliances, and your thermostat. Systems like these can be pretty pricey though, but well worth your piece of mind.

Whichever security measure you decide to use just make sure it makes sense for you and your family. After all it is them you are trying to protect. Guns and dogs can seem to be a more sexy option, but they do come with risks when used in this manner.I’ve had all. Loved my guns, loved my dog, but i never seen my security system harm anyone.

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